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Application Development

Mobile Application Development

In today's world where mobile devices are surpassing traditional desktop computers, having a website tailored to these gadgets is essential.

Tricky Digits can help you enter this market by creating a mobile friendly version of the website to ensure the information about your business fits comfortably on a screen on any size. From desktop computers to any small handheld device, Tricky Digits can build you a website that can be seen universally in seconds.

Why Mobile Application Development Is Important

Mobile application development is the process of developing software for use on mobile platforms.

Behind mobile app development

While mobile application development covers the development of software for low-power handheld devices (like PDAs and other similar devices), it now applies to the development of software for mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets.

Apps resulting from mobile application development are typically installed onto smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Other applications are directly downloaded from a digital marketplace, otherwise known as a mobile app distribution platform (like the App Store or Google Play). Lastly, mobile apps are also created for use in a web browser, allowing anyone to access the application from anywhere on the web.

Mobile apps are designed to fit most screen sizes, hardware configurations and specifications, especially since people use various types of mobile devices with different expectations. So, in order to take full advantage of the wide range of mobile devices, mobile applications need to be designed with those users in mind.

And, that alone is why mobile application development is important. Most people browse the web and, well, do most things on mobile devices nowadays.

That's why Tricky Digits wants to show you something important. It's pretty important for businesses and even individuals to look into mobile app development as a potential area of business growth. The app resulting from that development process is one step they can take toward reaching a whole new audience, after all.

Why mobile app development is important

Did you check out an app today? You most likely did. If you have a smartphone or tablet, there's really no time of the day where you don't check either one. And, before you say, 'no, that's not true,' it's true.

Every year, more people go mobile. This past Christmas alone saw over 17 million smart device activate. That mean every year, millions join the mobile world. And, if businesses don't jump on that opportunity, they may lose potential future members of their audiences.

Over 80 percent of businesses today are now looking into having a mobile application developed for their business. Many of those businesses want those applications created within the next 12 months. By the time those apps are finished, millions more people will have joined the mobile web.

That's because the mobile web is convenient, after all. Did you know that customers now use mobile apps more than websites? They even use their mobile devices to make purchasing decisions far faster than if they were to use a desktop computer.

While those aren't the only stats out there about the mobile web, they're revealing stats about the state of the mobile web. People now rely on the mobile web. And, businesses really need to take advantage of that for their own good.