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Logo Branding

Logo Branding

A logo is a type of graphical symbol, mark or emblem that exemplifies the branding and message behind a company or individual. Logos helps establish the brand and even modus operandi of a business or individual. In other words, logos establish what businesses and individuals are and what they can do.

Tricky Digits can create bold and memorable logos which set you aside from competitors and create a lasting impression so that your logo is what comes to mind when it matters most.
Our branding strategies build on the logo to convey your key values and create a memorable brand that the customer to relate to.

A Tricky Digits brand can effectively communicate your story and set you apart from the competitors. All of our branding packages contain a logo design and a stationery design.

Why great logos are important

The most famous companies in the world also have some of the most famous logos in the world. And, the minute you glance upon their logos, you'll immediately know what they do.

Nike sells shoes. McDonald's is a fast food giant. IBM (Lenovo) sells computers and other technology. And, all of their logos have motifs that make you immediately remember the things they sell and how they operate. That's something you should aim to accomplish if you're designing a logo, after all.

So, it's pretty important to have a memorable branding logo design. It's beyond important—without a memorable logo design, potential consumers will get confused about what you might offer them. They just won't get you or your business. Making them 'get' your business is the most important part of designing a logo in the first place.

The elements of a great logo

What goes into a great branding logo design? According to Tricky Digits, a great logo design:

  • Portrays the values and goals of your company (or you) in a single concise message or image.
  • Features a clean, memorable and easy to interpret design (e.g. McDonald's yellow 'M,' Nike's 'swoosh')
  • Uses colour, shape and texture in an overall modern design that effectively communicates that message.

And, logos are an interesting medium, too. A good logo is rarely changed. That's because it's considered counterproductive to change a logo. After all, if it's not broke, why fix it?

That's why many companies haven't changed their logos over the years. If they do update their logos, much like many old-school companies have, most of their logo's basic design elements stay.

Speaking of redesigning, that's probably the hardest part of updating a logo. You have to keep the same 'message' of the logo in tact (the brand) while, well, making it look modern. And, if you fail, your consumers will let you know.

So, it's pretty hard to make a good branding logo design. But, getting to a point where you feel confident enough to design a great logo is much easier than it looks.

Remember: logos need to exemplify a brand. If you keep that in mind, designing a logo's much easier than you think.