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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is marketing today without the ever-present social media aspect?

Here at Tricky Digits we can develop a social media strategy to get your business on everyone's radar.

We can provide dedicated social media support to get your business the social media presence it deserves, and as a result boost both brand recognition and sales.

Why are we using Social Media?

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. They say social networks were 'nothing more than a novelty' as early as 9 years ago. Though, the days of Myspace and auto-playing social media profiles are a thing of the past.

Social networks act like personal business cards. They show a snapshot of people and their lives. They represent them. And, best of all, they tell others everything they need to know in just a few words and images. That alone shows the power of social networks in 2014.

Of course, it took years before social media became so business savvy. About 10 years ago, having a social network profile was more or less like having your own website (let's not forget that 2004-2005 was a time when people were moving away from having to make their own site).

Since then, website designers and developers hired for social media giants like Facebook turned what social networks looked like into a modern and easy to use design. And, naturally, that's stuck around.

So, now that social networks look the part, it's time for businesses to make their profiles act the part. Most small businesses have already taken that step, but others need a little more convincing.

That's where Tricky Digits can help. Now, let's take a look at some reasons why the remainder of 2014 is the year for small business social media marketing.

Why 2014 is still the year for social media marketing

Did you know that social media marketing is 'very important' and 'highly valued' to businesses? According to the 2013 End of Year Report from Social Media Examiner, that looked to be the case.

The report found that 86 percent of marketers said 'social media was important for their business.' They also found that 89 percent of marketers said that 'increased exposure was the best benefit of social media marketing.'

Though, increased exposure isn't the only benefit of social media marketing. It also helps increase website traffic, improve search ranking, generate more leads, develop a loyal fan base, improve sales, reduce marketing expenses and even provide valuable data for marketplace insight.

But, that's not even touching the biggest reason why social media is still king for small businesses in 2014. What's that reason? Businesses now have more ways to promote better interaction with the audiences

Social media promotes interaction. It promotes interaction between businesses and their potential audiences. That interaction is what leads to businesses gaining larger audiences who may go on to buy more goods and services from them.

Small businesses who use social media actually feel more satisfied with their results than businesses who don't utilize social media yet. That's because businesses who use social media are '1.5 to 2 times more likely to expect some type of revenue growth,' all because they use social media.

Based on interaction alone, businesses now have every reason in the world to utilize social media. The year's still young, so what are you waiting for?